Street light monitoring system using Iot


The Internet of Things these days is quite popular in the development of different low-cost systems with the help of a Microcontroller. Main aim of the Internet of Things is to conserve energy by reducing wastage of electricity and also to reduce labor force or manpower. Streetlights are quite an important part of a city because it helps in giving better vision of roads and streets at night time.

These street lights are switched ON in the evening and are switched OFF in the morning. Between this time, these street lights are used at maximum intensity even when adequate light is available. In order to reduce this wastage of electricity, we need an automated Street Light Monitoring System Using Iot.

There are many more advantages of Street Light Monitoring System using IoT over the existing system. But before listing out those advantages, lets list out disadvantages of the existing system:

  1. Existing street light systems are needed to be switched ON and OFF manually. 
  2. Existing street light System has a high power consumption and their maintenance is also quite expensive.
  3. More Manpower is required to handle the functioning of the Existing Street light System.

Advantages of Street Light Monitoring System using IoT

Some advantages of Street light monitoring system using Iot are:

  1. With the help of IoT, street lights can switch ON and OFF automatically.
  2. Maintenance of Street Lights using IoT is quite less which leads to cost reduction.
  3. Street Lights using IoT will also reduce Light pollution.
  4. Power Consumption is quite low in these street lights using IoT which also leads to energy conservation. 
  5. No large manpower is required to maintain these street lights using IoT.

Hence monitoring the usage of Street Lights using system is quite useful.

it also has much better performance than existing system.

Working: Street Light Monitoring System Using Iot

The Internet of Things has made it possible to digitally interface various electronic devices and to transfer data and other information from one device to another device via network.

In this system also, every device which is to be controlled by the Internet of Things is connected together through the same network. The network can be Local Area Network or any local Wi-Fi as well. A Wi-Fi module can also be used with this system to control and monitor all the street lights wirelessly. With the help of this Wi-Fi module, users can decide which task the system has to perform and can then send those instructions from anywhere in the world.

The most important thing in the Street Light Monitoring System is to install it with a Microcontroller which will be instructing the devices to perform their tasks. Various Microcontrollers that we can use are NodeMCU, Arduino UNO and Raspberry Pi. These microcontrollers are quite cheap and have a lower power consumption as well.

Role of Microcontroller

The Microcontroller will be able to control various sensors with a Wi-Fi module. It will also control LEDs as well depending on the movement of the objects on the streets.

The Street light Monitoring system can be operated manually and automatically as well. The microcontroller will be able to switch ON and OFF the street lights at required time and will also be able to control the intensity of the street lights according to the need.

From this blog we can conclude that implementation of this Street light monitoring System using IoT will be of great help as it eliminates efforts of manually operating the street lights and other electronic equipment. This system is power efficient, cost efficient and also makes it possible to operate electronic devices and sensors wirelessly if there is an Internet connection available.  This system does not require any kind of extra maintenance as compared to the existing system. The Internet of Things is definitely the key to develop the world in a well organized manner.

Written By: Utkarsh Pathak

Reviewed By: Vishal Rathod

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