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Remote Internship (8 Weeks)​

In This 8 Week Internship Period We Create A Company Environment Where Learners Collaborate With Each Other To Solve Problems, Complete Tasks And Create Projects. Groups Of Learners Work Together On Different Parameters And Evaluate Each Others Work To Improve The Quality Of Output.​

Learn machine learning

In the first four weeks learn machine learning concepts, complete quizes and assignments

Team Project

During this period you will be added in a team. Team leader will guide you to complete all the tasks.

Individual Project

In this 2 weeks period you have to independently work on project and complete all the assigned tasks.

Machine Learning Program Features

Learn from industry experts

Get an immersive learning Experience from Industry Experts

As per your convenience

Morning or evening. Day or Night Learn Any time, as per your schedule

Exclusive Course material

The Course has Self paced recorded video tutorials featuring experts and additional reading material for reference

Valued Certification

You will get an industry-wide recognized course completion certificate and Internship certificate

in-depth, practical skill set

Learn by doing, work on various machine learning projects and case studies.

Quizes & Weekly Assignments

Complete all the quizes and assignments to get hand on practise on machine learning concepts

Machine Learning Topics Covered

All the concepts discussed have been intuited from a fundamental level  with practical implementation at every stage of the course allowing every course participant to master the skills irrespective of the background they come from.

This module gives you a brief idea of what python is and touch on the basics of python datatypes list, tuple, dictonary, python operators, if else, for loop, while loop, break, continue

In this module, you will learn how to create function, lambda function, list comprehension, exception handling

In this module, you will learn about data manipulation and data analysis using numpy and pandas.

In this module, you will learn about data visualization and how you can draw up all sorts of charts and visualization using matplotlib library of python

In this module, you will learn about  mean, median, mode, measures of variability/dispersions, covariance, correlation & distances and various other statistical variables which are required for machine learning.

In this module, you will get a brief idea about various machine learning algorithms, exploratory data analysis, outliers, feature selection etc.

In this module, you will learn about linear regression,  logistic or sigmoid function, logistic Regression, naive bayes, KNN, decision tree, random forest and various model evaluation methods.

In this module, you will learn about clustering & its use cases, K means clustering

In this module, you will learn about default recommendation system, collaborative filtering, content based filtering

You will learn how to approach and implement a project end to end, you will gain industry insights for the machine learning domain. You will collaborate with other students to solve problems, complete tasks and create projects, by the end of this program you will complete multiple projects

Meet your trainer, guide

Sudesh Singhal

Machine Learning engineer

Sudesh Singhal completed his Masters from IIT Bombay. He has vast experience (5 years+) of development and deployment of Machine Learning algorithms, Deep Learning algorithms using python and scala. He has good hands-on experience in Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Java, Scala, Aws, Hdfs and distributed systems.

Start building your dream career With Data Science

Machine Learning is indeed moving tremendously. Its prospects have left many worried, for it’s assumed that job automation portends great danger to humanity. Machine Learning is the rave of the moment. Tons of companies are going all out to hire competent engineers, as ML is gradually becoming the brain behind business intelligence. Through it, businesses are able to master consumers’ preferences thereby increasing profits. 

Around the world, companies are looking for skills that many college curriculums struggle to provide. This makes it harder for students to land a good job. No matter your major or year, our programs provide you with the opportunity to learn this in-demand skill.

Program Fees
(Indian Students)

Including GST (18%)

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  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Internship Certificate
  • Project Portfolio
  • 8+ Machine Learning Projects
  • 1 Year Access To LMS

Program Fees
(International Students)

$ 90
Including Taxes

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  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Internship Certificate
  • Project Portfolio
  • 8+ Machine Learning Projects
  • 1 Year Access To LMS
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Gain an entirely new skill set and internship experience in 8 weeks.

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Sample Certificates

Upon successful completion of the Machine Learning online Course Program and Internship Projects, Pianalytix will provide you with an industry-recognized course completion certificate and Internship certificate which has lifelong validity.

Overview Of Machine Learning


What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning combines computer science, mathematics and statistics. Machine learning is used to predict future and classify information for better decision making on autonomous basis. It trains on the pattern again and again in order to take predictions about the future. By performing statistical analysis and pattern matching on past instances of data then from this learned data it provides predicted results.

Why someone should learn Machine Learning?

Machine Learning has revolutionized industries like medicine, healthcare, manufacturing, banking and several other industries. The electronic devices you use the applications that are part of your everyday life are powered by powerful machine learning algorithms. Due to the massive amount of data that generate on a daily basis thus machine learning facilitates several methodologies to make sense of this data and provide you with fast and accurate results.

Locations Of Machine Learning Online Course And Internship Program

We Conduct Machine learning online course and Internship in Hong Kong, Bangkok, London, Macau, Singapore, Paris, Dubai, New York City, Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul, Delhi, Antalya, Shenzhen, Phuket, Rome, Tokyo, Pattaya, Taipei, Mecca, Guangzhou, Prague, Medina, Seoul, Amsterdam, Agra, Miami, Osaka, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh Denpasar, Barcelona, Las Vegas, Milan, Vienna, Johor Bahru, Cancun, Berlin, Cairo, Athens, Orlando, Moscow, Venice, Madrid, Ha Long, Riyadh, Dublin, Florence, Noi, Toronto, Johannesburg, Sydney, Munich, Jakarta, Beijing, St. Petersburg, Brussels, Jerusalem, Budapest, Lisbon, Dammam, Penang Island, Heraklion, Kyoto, Zhuhai, Vancouver, Chiang Mai, Copenhagen, San Francisco, Melbourne, Krakow, Marrakech, Kolkatta, Cebu, Auckland, Tel Aviv, Guilin, Honolulu, Hurgada, Warsaw, Mugla, Buenos Aires Chiba, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Lima, Da Nang, Batam, Nice, Fukuoka, Abu Dhabi, Jeju, Porto, Rhodes, Rio de Janeiro, Krabi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Itanagar, Dispur, Patna, Raipur, Panaji, Gandhinagar, Shimla, Ranchi, Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore), Thiruvananthapuram, Bhopal, Mumbai, Imphal, Shillong, Aizawl, Kohima, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Gangtok, Chennai, Agartala, Lucknow, Dehradun, Kolkata. We have students attending Machine Learning Online Course And Internship from above locations.

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