How Zomato/Swiggy Uses AI, DS, & ML?

As the ordering trend of online food  is becoming more prominent in today’s world and so India is also not untouched. the food delivery platforms like Uber eats, fasso, Zomato, & Swiggy Uses AI and are increasing popularity and growing their businesses by understanding their user sentiments and growing their user base at an exponential rate.

however, A research and tech  firm  stated that the market of food delivery in India is expected to hit $5 billion by 2021. Driven by this sudden increase, the companies and food businesses are looking forward to data science and  artificial intelligence to improve their customer experience.

Swiggy Uses AI:

Due to using of Ai and machine learning techniques the number of user interactions on Swiggy Uses AI & has grown exponentially from 3 billion in September 2018 to a massive 39 billion in February 2019. To keep up with the immense  growth the food giant  looks up to data science and Artificial intelligence as a solution to many of the business related issues and problems and to sustain their growth.

thus, Swiggy uses AI and data science to differentiate the food dishes from images classifying and separating  them as vegetarian  or non-vegetarian dishes. NLP can thus greatly help the platform in knowing their customer sentiments and serving wider geography.


As seen by Food delivery businesses like Swiggy Uses AI and Uber Eats as its rival in the food delivery market, Zomato doesn’t seem to be dropping its way to the competition. ZOMATO had raised Rs 285 crore deal from a US investor Brook Capital Partners as part of its planning and strategy to acquire more market share from its competitors.

Few  months before  Zomato made a claim of its success of achieving a whopping increase of 28 million monthly orders as compared to previous analysis and that  also helped the company in planning for  future food order volume. 

Thinking of Future 

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science  has become an important  part of future business and technology  that every business and organization wants to work their  hands on. Although DS and AI has been there  for a while in the consumer market in video games , mobile phones, virtual assistants and many such businesses . The technology  is still a boon for businesses and organizations in a forever-growing  market  with many companies and organizations competing to take advantage over each other.

Unlike, businesses like flipkart and amazon or other e-commerce companies , where plenty of data are derived directly from customer purchases in the structured form , the restaurants, the delivery fleets and customers also when clubbed together generate a huge  amount of data. This also gives us a hint  that food delivery businesses can make use of these data points and generate some sense out of this  data and also understand customer sentiments , their preference for food looking at their past history of choices or orders they have made


There are many applications of using AI ,  Machine learning  and Data Science  which helps in making the business grow exponentially and make their work easy to operate and thus makes their life simpler.

By now, you must be aware of some amazing ways by which Zomato and Swiggy Uses AI, Machine learning and  Data Science . With all applications of all these technologies our life has become very simple and convenient and thus the businesses are relying seamlessly on this technology and becoming more  powerful and is also enabling new solutions to many problems and increasing their customer experience in this modern age with the huge data availabilit

Article By: Nikhil Rampuria

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