Difference between machine learning, Data science, Artificial intelligence, Deep learning

Difference between machine learning, Data science, Artificial intelligence, Deep learning?

Do You Ever think What is the Difference Between Machine Learning Vs Data Science Vs Artificial Intelligence  Vs Deep Learning? What is the main thing that  Will Differentiate this Field! The answer is Like they have Different core Tasks to Deal With.


In this article, I will Provide you a comparison between Machine Learning vs Data Science vs Artificial Intelligence vs Deep Learning 


Let Start,


First I Will Show that this Field is interconnected. And Our Main Question is this all is the Same? 


With the above Diagram We find all these Fields are the subparts of each other Like AI is Part of ML, Deep learning is part of ML and Data Science Cover all such Field to Identify Patterns with Data.


Now  we Discuss all in Detail :

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is a Trending Buzz Word Right Now. It is the Field of Computer Science. Machine Learning in Simple Definition “Computer Will think on its Own or Able To take Decision”.

In machine learning, there are two Main Operations such as Classification and Regression. With those Operations, we can Make Predictive Models that will estimate the happening of those events. 


Some Approaches to Machine Learning : 

1. Supervised Machine Learning 

-> Train the Data With Labeled Data 

-> Predict Future Outcomes.


2. Unsupervised Machine Learning 

-> In that we Don’t have labels

-> Find Hidden Insights with Data


3. Reinforcement Learning or {Semi Supervised Learning}

-> It is totally Decision Process 

-> Insight Architecture was Based Reward System

What is Data Science?

Increased the Quantity of Data that creates a New Field Called Data Science.


Data was the New Revolution now in Industries. With Data Science We can Find Optimal solutions for Business. Data is everywhere now. Data science is a Topic of the growing amount of data, which requires extract sorted insights from structured, and unstructured data through different tools, and algorithms.

It is Also a Multidisciplinary field that uses different tools to Manipulate data.


  • Data Science various Process Such as : 
  • Gathering data from Sources
  • Data Pre-Processing 
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Prediction

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Ai is a part of Computer science by which we can make a Robotic Machine which can work the same as a Human with Thinking Ability and able to take Decision on their own.

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science but we can’t say it fully part of Computer science. It covers a lot of tech factors.

For making the AI you should first we should know that how intelligence can make it because we all intelligence is the same as Like our brain, Our Brain is a combination of Reasoning, learning, problem-solving perception, etc

For achieving the tech factors for Ai requires :

  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Computer Science
  • Neurons Study
  • Statistics

What is Deep Learning?


Deep learning is a part of Machine Learning, Machine is a PART of Artificial Intelligence. Dl is Based on the Human Brain. Just Like Our Brain working with Neurons.

Deep Learning is a part of Machine Learning Algorithms that use Several Layers to Transmit Features or You Can Say Our Labels Data.

Techniques in Deep Learning : 

Artificial Neural Network: Information Processing Model that is Based On the Human Brain.

Convolutional Neural Network: Most Used for Analysing Images, Video.

Recurrent Neural Network: Useful for Times series and CNN.

Now I will Show,

Some Difference Between DS VS ML VS AI VS DL:


 With all this we Understand, AI is used to enable machines to think, Machine Learning is a part of AI. With Machine Learning and their Statistical tool we can Explore the data. And Deep Learning is Also a Subset of Machine Learning that Mimics the Human Brain with Its Techniques and Model Architecture, With all this Combination of AI, ML, DL. We Can Derive an Application for AI. Remaining Data Science Which is a Combination Of ML, DL uses those Technique To Manipulate data to Find Hidden Insights. 


Article by: Chandra Prakash Mewari



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